Kagan Realty Investors | Commercial Real Estate Firm
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Count on Kagan

At Kagan Realty Investors, we don’t just lease space, we build long-term relationships with our tenants through personalized, in-house property management. For forty years, we’ve been providing clients room to grow and the ability to reach their full potential in Houston with a current, wholly-owned portfolio of nearly 100 properties and 1.5 million square feet. A range of value-oriented retail, creative and warehouse opportunities are ideally situated within close proximity of the 610 Loop and the Beltway.

Our Insights

What’s Old is New

With many of Houston’s neighborhoods rapidly gentrifying and knitting together, Kagan Realty Investors’ portfolio is increasingly in demand given the areas our properties serve.

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One example is the Washington Corridor – long an overlooked industrial area in the shadow of downtown Houston and now a hotbed of retail and restaurant activity – where we’re proud to welcome Arizona-based Bottled Blonde to our site at 4901 Washington Avenue. The buzzy pizzeria, beer garden and nightlife brand is in the midst of renovating a landmark building that began its life as a Weiner’s Dry Goods store in 1946.

Better in a Business Park

As one of Houston’s first developers of business parks, we’ve always been bullish on the concept. In fact, Kagan Realty Investors is headquartered in one of our own.

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Offering prime locations around central Houston and highly flexible floorplans with ceiling heights soaring well above average, our park spaces are now being utilized in ways we never considered a decade ago. From breweries and distilleries to specialized fitness studios, fashion and furniture showrooms plus incubators and co-working, the options are as endless as the imagination. If you’re looking for an out of the box venue to ignite your business, we have a number of options to show you.

Investing in the Future

Kagan Realty Investors is currently in a reinvesting phase with several assets slated for capital improvement projects. A spotlight of the initiative is Meyerland Court.

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Meyerland Court is a landmark 1960’s era shopping center at the crossroads of the affluent Meyerland and Bellaire neighborhoods and immediately west of Loop 610. Occupying nearly 10 acres, the development features 76,000 square feet of retail space and 270 parking spaces.